getting started with lassie

The best way to see Lassie at work is to use one of our sample scenarios.  First, enter a list of contacts you'd like to use for your demo.  This demo will send notifications to the contacts you provide notifying of the event (we'll make it obvious this is a demo).  Your contacts can tap the link in the notification they receive to access Lassie.  There is no need to install anything in advance.

LAUNCH a sample scenario

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Lion on the loose!

Someone's pet lion is on the loose.  You need to notify your people and guide them to a safe area while the zoo employees and city dog catcher get the lion back home to it's owner.



Your the housing director for a large university.  The CDC said this flu season was going to be a bad one and it's really hit your residents hard.  You need to find out which of your charges is sick and what you can do to help them.


take cover

It was sunny a few minutes ago, but all of a sudden a thunderstorm is threatening to drop sofa sized hail onto your city.  Let your people know it's coming and tell them to take cover!